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Enjoy the ride of your life here at Xperience Days with our incredible range of driving experiences!

With locations all across the country, these awesome driving activities make great gifts for any motoring enthusiast, and are guaranteed to leave them breathless and with memories they will treasure for the rest of their lives! From riding in a NASCAR to becoming an Indy Car legend, and learning how to motorcycle to enjoying an off-road adventure, there really is something for everyone here. You can choose to be the driver or the passenger and are sure to find your perfect driving activity here, whatever your vehicle of choice.

These wonderful driving experience gifts allow you to give the gift of speed like never before, so make someone’s day today – or treat yourself to an adrenaline-pumping experience instead!

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5 stars

This was a really great experience. I went 152 mph!! I thought it was amazing. I think the driving time could have been a little longer though. 8 min. wasn't nearly enough time on the track. I loved that I got to be in compete control of the car though. And being able to talk to my spotter was really great. I felt like I was a real Nascar driver! Truly is an experience of a lifetime. 

- Christeen Vanderham - Auto Club Speedway  10/14/2014

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Driving Experiences Experience Gifts    

Supercar Driving Tour

Drive an Amazing Selection of the World's Most Elite Super Cars on a Thrilling Road Course

5 stars

This Super Car Driving Tour is the Ultimate Road Driving Experience. During this four-hour, 120 Mile driving tour, you will get behind the wheel and drive an amazing selection of the world's most elite supercars on a thrilling public road course. Your day starts at the private clubhouse. Once you...

Metro: New York

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$1,795.00View Activity

Denver Supercar Driving Experience

Get Behind the Wheel of Supercar During a Denver Driving Adventure

This Denver Super Car Experience is the Ultimate On-Road Driving Adventure and is your chance to get behind the wheel of one of the World’s most elite Sports Cars!  Whether you have a passion for driving or a love of exotic cars, this memorable experience provides you with the chance to d...

Metro: Denver

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$199.00View Activity

Denver Motorcycle Riding Course

Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle During This Two-Day Motorcycle Course

Learn how to safely ride a motorcycle during this two-day Introduction to Motorcycle Riding Course in Thornton, CO! Located twenty minutes north of Denver, this beginner Motorcycle Lesson incorporates both classroom learning as well as hands-on operator training of the bike.  Designed offer no...

Metro: Denver

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$250.00View Activity

St Paul Extreme Sandbox Experience

Play in the Dirt During this Heavy Equipment Digging Experience

Experience the thrill of digging and playing in the dirt behind the controls of Heavy Equipment!  Let out the kid in you during this Extreme Sandbox Experience in Hastings, Minnesota!  Just a short drive from Minneapolis or Saint Paul, this Heavy Machine Operating adventure takes place in...

Metro: Minneapolis

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$315.00View Activity

Indianapolis IndyCar Experience

Race IndyCar with a Two Lap Indianapolis Speedway Racing Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of speeding around the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in an actual IndyCar? Or ever wonder what it's like to head down the narrow straightaway toward the yard of bricks at high speeds? Then you've found the perfect experience gift! This IndyCar Racing Experience is your...

Metro: Indianapolis

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$499.00View Activity

Race Your Own Car At BIR Raceway

Race Your Own Car at Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, MN

Take your driving into an entirely new level and learn to race your own performance sedan or sports car at Minnesota's famous Brainerd International Raceway. You will join other automotive enthusiasts at Minnesota's premier performance driving school for this unique racing experience and discover yo...

Metro: Minneapolis

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$310.00View Activity

BIR Performance Driving Experience

Learn to Drive a Race Car at Brainerd International Raceway

Get out of the stands and on to the track with the BIR Performance Driving School and learn to drive a racecar at Minnesota's historic Brainerd International Raceway. Put the pedal to the metal and take the ride of your life as the engine roars and you reach top speeds during a twenty-five minute se...

Metro: Minneapolis

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$325.00View Activity

Racecar Thrill Ride In Houston

A Houston Racecar Ride-A-Long on a World Class Track

Strap in the passenger seat for two electrifying laps around a world-class racetrack in Angleton, Texas.  Less than an hour outside of Houston, your thrill ride begins in  race-prepared BMW M3.  You will meet with a true race-professional driver, who will guide the race-prepped car o...

Metro: Houston

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$169.00View Activity

BMW Racing Experience In Houston

Experience the Wheel of a Race-Prepared BMW M3 in Houston

5 stars

Come fuel your need for speed at one of the finest road courses in the United States. You will get to experience the thrill of driving a true race-prepared BMW M3 at speeds you have never experienced before during an eight lap driving adventure. After a 15 minute driver orientation, you will be rea...

Metro: Houston

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$399.00View Activity

Racecar Thrill Ride & Drive In Houston

Houston's Thrilling Racecar Ride & Drive on a World Class Race Track

5 stars

Head out to the 2.83 mile world-class racetrack in Angleton, Texas, where you will have the opportunity to drive a racecar and ride as a passenger with a professional driver.  Less than an hour outside of Houston, Texas, your thrill ride begins in a race-prepared BMW M3. This experience is for...

Metro: Houston

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$549.00View Activity

New Orleans ATV Swamp Tour

Experience the Thrill of Off-Roading During an ATV Swamp Tour

No experience necessary for this thrilling outdoor ATV adventure! Hop on and take the throttle of an ATV as you experience first-hand the excitement of off-roading during this two-hour New Orleans Swamp Tour. The fun begins when you meet your Guide in Laplace, Louisiana. Upon arrival you will be sh...

Metro: New Orleans

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$287.00View Activity

Full Throttle Stockcar Ride Along

Experience Three Thrilling Laps as a Passenger in a Stockcar

5 stars

Prepare to experience an exhilarating day in the passenger's seat of a real Stockcar! During this thrilling Racecar Ride, you will climb through the window of the Stockcar and strap yourself in as you prepare for the ride of your life! One of the most exciting experience gifts available for NASCAR...

Metro: Multiple

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$195.00View Activity

Talladega Superspeedway Stockcar Driving

Experience Six Incredible Laps Behind the Wheel at Talladega

5 stars

Have you always dreamed of being a racecar driver? Then this five-star rated Talladega Racing Experience is just the ticket! The fun of this experience gift begins when you arrive at NASCAR’s largest track. You will be greeted by the friendly Pit Crew as you check-in for this once in a lifetim...

Metro: Multiple

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$395.00View Activity

Michigan International Speedway Stockcar Ride

Michigan International Speedway's Three Lap Stockcar Ride Along

5 stars

Climb into a real Sprint Cup Style Stockcar with a professional driver, and prepare for three thrilling laps as a passenger at Michigan International Speedway. Just an hour from Ann Arbor, Michigan, your ride-along fun begins at one of the most prestigious Race Speedways in the Midwest. Before...

Metro: Detroit

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$109.00View Activity

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